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Mongolian Art & Culture at the Oxford International Art Fair on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February 2016

Creative Curating on behalf of Mongolian Art and Culture in London is delighted to represent Mongolian and international artists at the Oxford International Art Fair 2016 on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February 2016, which will take place at the beautiful Oxford Town Hall. Last year, we won the 2nd place award by the visitor’s vote combined with the decision of the Jury. We were extremely happy to be selected as a Runner Up, especially because it was our first time there. Do vote for us again this year!

We represent diverse range of artworks by selected Mongolian, British and Swiss artists, who are known to the UK art market. Our artists use various types of medium including oil, acrylic, earth and ink paints on canvas, rice paper and silk.

The following artists will be represented by us and displayed at this Fair: Stuart Morris, UK – Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj – Sendem Choijamts – Otgonbayar Tod – Elbegzaya Khaltar – Munkhzaya Munkhtulga – Altantsooj Sosorbaram – Sosorbaram Byambanasan, Mongolia – Yo- Xarek Wolter from Switzerland. 

We thank the Mongolian Embassy in the UK, Azaa Studio, our artists, friends and families for their cooperation and their great support. Please come and visit us at Stand 64z in the Main Exhibition Hall.

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Press Release from the organisers: ” A rich and wonderful mix of talented artists from over 30 countries that will be filling the Oxford Town Hall with an incredible display of art.  The selection is based on photographs, illustrations, paintings, bespoke crafts and also sculptures. Offering high-quality work, unique and fascinating style concepts that are implemented with different media and techniques. All artworks are available for purchase at an affordable price”.

Friday 26th Feb 18.00-21.00:
VIP Private View Vernissage. Champagne reception, and live music. £10 GBP Book online.
Saturday 27th Feb 11.00-17.00 FREE ENTRY prebook online
Sunday 28th Feb 11.00-17.00 FREE ENTRY prebook online


Link to Mongolian Art and Culture Press Release: https://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com/                                                                         Facebook Event: (Invite friends, contacts): https://www.facebook.com/events/624315377671576/                                                            Website: http://oxfordinternationalartfair.com/ ENDS

Press contacts: Unurmaa Janchiv via e-mails creativecurating@gmail.com / maclartists@gmail.com

Website: https://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com


Манай Creative Curating ТББ нь “Монголын урлаг соёл Лондонд” ТББ-тай хамтран 2 дугаар сарын 26-28-ны өдрүүдэд Их Британийн Охфорд хотноо болох Олон улсын уран зургийн үзэсгэлэнд Монгол уран бүтээлчдийнхээ төлөөллийг авч оролцох гэж байна. Бид өнгөрсөн жил уг үзэсгэлэнд мөн монгол уран бүтээлчдээ оролцуулан, улмаар үзэгчдийн санал, шүүгчдийн шийдвэрээр багаараа 2-р байрын шагналыг хүртсэн билээ.




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