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Meeting with the Mongolian Ambassador in Rome

We, the management at Mongolian Art and Culture & Creative Curating, were delighted to meet  with HE Odonbaatar Shijeekhuu, the Mongolian Ambassador to Italy, on 25 December 2015 during our recent visit to Rome. We were delighted to hear about the work that HE and his team are putting in developing bilateral relations between Italy and Mongolia. Both, the Embassy and MACL expressed interests for looking into opportunities for future collaboration, therefore we are very much looking forward to working together.

We would like to thank Ayana Sambuu, our peer and fellow member of the Committee on Arts and Cultural Management and Toursim of the Council of Mongolians Abroad, for organising a meeting with His Excellency and the staff at the Mongolian Embassy in Rome. We thanked HE Odonbaatar for supporting Ayana’s project on developing an opera production involving Mongolian, Italian and international opera singers. 

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Photo credits: Azaa Studio



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