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Artists For Nepal Dinner on Friday 22 May at the Athenaeum Hotel in Mayfair

Athenaeum evening poster


Sending a united message to the media & the world in support of Nepal

In response to the recent disaster in Nepal, Unurmaa Janchiv, Curator of Mongolian Art and Culture in London decided to join Artists For Nepal appeal. Artists For Nepal is uniting artists, curators & art lovers across disciplines & boundaries, with exhibitions, performances, talks, installations, screenings & readings already confirmed in locations including Ulaanbaatar, London, New York, Adelaide, Brisbane, Delhi, Mumbai & Mexico City.

Any funds raised go to a NGO of each individual ‘s choice, sending a message to the media & the world of the power of the arts for social change & our support for Nepal.



GUEST SPEAKER: Denise Prior, Community Action Nepal, a beneficiary of our fundraising. She works for Community Action Nepal and was in Nepal when the earthquake happened.


7:00pm Registration

Viewing and sale of paintings by Mongolian artists, CDs, raffle tickets, books, arts and souvenir items – Proceeds to Community Action Nepal

7:30 – 11:00pm Three Course Dinner (One bottle of wine per table)

To be followed by a cultural performance, an auction, raffle ticket prizes

Prayer for Nepal

Running order

Welcome and introduction of the Guest Speaker by Unurmaa Janchiv, Head of Mongolian Art & Culture in London and Creative Curating & Gaynor O’Flynn, Founder of beinghuman and initiator of Artists For Nepal worldwide

Opening speech by Denise Prior, Community Action Appeal, a beneficiary of fundraising


Messages from the Mongolian and British mountaineers

Video presentation of two events organized on 21 May in Ulaanbaatar by Mongolian artists, galleries and curators

Cultural performance

Introduction of performers by Unurmaa Janchiv, Head of Mongolian Art and Culture in London

Nepalese, Tibetan and Mongolian musical instruments and Mongolian throat singing by British artists Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino. Both studied throat singing from eminent throat singers in Mongolia. Candida has a personal connection with Nepal having been to Kora, a pilgrimage in Katmandu, Nepal. Website: http://www.soundtransformations.co.uk/

Filipino representation

Japanese representation

Chinese representation

Tibetan representation


Feel free to donate items for auctioning and raffle ticket prizes!

An auction:

A signed photo of CBE Doug Scott, a British mountaineer who climbed Everest, the Chair of CAN

An exquisite hand-painted silk scarf by Sendem Choijamts, a well-known Mongolian designer

An ink painting by Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj, a Mongolian artist

A painting (oil on canvas) by a Mongolian artist

Raffle ticket prizes

“Kora”, a CD of Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino, the British artists

A CD of Altan Urag, a Mongolian folk rock band

An ink painting by Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj, a Mongolian artist

A Bottle of Beehive V.S.O.P, French Premium Reserve Brandy

And many more

Closing remarks by Unurmaa Janchiv

Prayer for Nepal led by Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino


Venue: The Athenaeum is a fabulous 5 star hotel on Piccadilly, which was built in the Victorian era and was noted by Charles Dickens for its extravagant interior. From Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas to Sandra Bullock, stars and VIPs use the Athenaeum. The film director Steven Spielberg even installed an edit suite in the adjoining apartment to his own and edited ET, First Encounters and Indiana Jones right here. The Athenaeum has been family-run since the 1990s and could not be more committed to providing an outstanding and friendly service, resisting any and every anonymous corporate tug. The Athenaeum is the essence of Englishness: discreet, personal, friendly, interesting, lavish, quirky, down to earth and brilliant. Website: http://www.athenaeumhotel.com/

Beneficiary: Community Action Nepal (CAN) is a UK based charity founded by Doug Scott CBE, who in 1975 made the first British ascent of Everest. CAN works in partnership with mountain villages and communities to provide local health, education, income generation, cultural and mountain porter welfare facilities. CAN projects are grass roots driven – with ideas coming directly from and supported by communities. Since 1998 CAN has established more than 50 community projects bringing benefits to 250,000 people. Website: http://www.canepal.org.uk/

Founder: Gaynor O’Flynn is an artist, founder of Beinghuman & curator of The British Chapter of Kathmandu International Art Festival. She has worked for many years in the Himalayas with the mountain people of Bhutan, India, Nepal & Tibet. Gaynor is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy in Nepal and created Artists For Nepal, when her friend, Sangeeta Thapa, Director Of The Siddartha Art Foundation, asked to help. Website: http://www.artistsfornepal.com/

Mongolian Art & Culture in London: Unurmaa Janchiv, Azkhuu Tsamba and Anu Gantumur, who are organising two further events in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with collaboration of their Mongolian contemporaries and this event in London as part of Artists For Nepal, work for Mongolian Art and Culture in London, which is represented by Creative Curating, a non for profit arts organisation, which promotes Mongolian & international artists. Web: https://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com/


For enquiries, please contact Mrs U. Janchiv on 07888 713429 and/or via e-mail: maclartists@gmail.com & creativecurating@gmail.com

Deadline for booking: 19 May 2015 (Please contact to check availability after this date.)

Poster Athenaeum event copy

In support of Artists For Nepal , initiated by our friend and Gaynor O’Flynn, a British artist, Mongolian Art and Culture in London would like to invite you to a fundraising dinner at the Athenaeum Hotel, a fabulous 5 star hotel on Piccadilly in Central London on 22 May at 7pm. Please come and join us and circulate this message in support of Nepal. Hurry – 50 seats only! Please visit our blog for details on how to book and get involved. Thank you Gaynor O’Flynn, Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino , Azaa StudioTsamba Azaa and all other artists and creatives in the UK for supporting us!

I would like to mention that we are also working with our peers in Ulaanbaatar and will organise two further events on 21 May in Ulaanbaatar to fundraise for Community Action Nepal, a British charity led by CBE Doug Scott, a British mountaineer. Doctor Bayarsaikhan, a Mongolian mountaineer who climbed the Mount Everest will support our cause at our Ulaanbaatar events. Cracco Gallery and Ceylonta Sri Lanka Restaurant in Ulaanbaatar are supporting Artists For Nepal movement which is taking place on 21 May worldwide. Many thanks to my dear friendAmarjargal Baljinnyam, Mountaineer Bayarsaikhan, Director of Cracco Gallery Ch. Enkhjargal and Ceylonta Directors Dhanushka Wijesekara and B. Odjargal, Batnasan Davaasambuu and all other artists and creatives in Mongolia for supporting us in this worthwhile cause. We wish you a success in organising of the events in Ulaanbaatar!

Бидний найз Англи уран бүтээлч Gaynor O’Flynn-ий санаачилсан Artists For Nepal хандивын аяныг дэмжиж Mongolan Art and Culture London хамт олон Лондон хотын төв Пиккадилли дүүрэгт орших 5 одтой “Athenaeum” зочид буудалд хандив босгох оройн зоогонд та бүхнийг урьж байна. Непал улсыг дэмжин бидэнтэй нэгдэж, хүрэлцэн ирэхийг урьж байна. Энэ мэдээллийг тарааж өгөхийг хүсье. Ердөө 50 хүний багтаамжтай тул яарагтун! Билет хэрхэн захиалах, хэрхэн оролцох талаарх мэдээллийг манай блогоор зочилж авна уу? Их Британид бидний ажлыг дэмжиж байгаа Gaynor O’Flynn, Michael Ormiston, Candida Valentino, Азаа Студи, Ц. Азхүү болон бусад уран бүтээлчиддээ баярлалаа!

Бид бас Улаанбаатар хотноо Монгол уран бүтээлчидтэйгээ хамтран 5 дугаар сарын 21-нд мөн хоёр арга хэмжээ зохиож байгаа болохыг би бас энд дурьдмаар байна. Бид Британийн уулчин, CBE Doug Scott-ын тэргүүлдэг Community Action Nepal буяны байгууллагад хандив босгох юм. Эвэрест ууланд гарсан Монгол уулчин Баярсайхан эмч бидний Улаанбаатар хотод зохиох арга хэмжээг дэмжин оролцоно. Улаанбаатар хот дахь Cracco Gallery болон Ceylonta Sri Lanka Restaurant нь дэлхийн уран бүтээлчдийн 5 дугаар сарын 21-ний өдөр дэлхий даяар зохион байгуулах “Уран бүтээлчид Непалын төлөө” хэмээх энэхүү арга хэмжээнд бидэнтэй хамтран оролцох гэж байна. Энэхүү өндөр ач холбогдолтой аяныг дэмжиж, хамтран ажиллаж буй эрхэм найз Б. Амаржаргал, мөн Баярсайхан эмч/уулчин, Кракко галерейн захирал Ч. Энхжаргал, Цейлонта рестораны захирал Данушка, Б. Оджаргал нар болон зураач Д. Батнасан, бусад уран бүтээлчиддээ талархал илэрхийлье! Улаанбаатарт зохион байгуулах арга хэмжээнүүдэд амжилт хүсье!



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