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Steppe Closer: Contemporary art exhibition from Mongolia at Asia House in London

Mongolian Art and Culture in London, in collaboration with the Mongolian Embassy in London, is delighted to present an art exhibition “Steppe Closer”, hosted by Asia House to mark the visit of the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Bat-Uul Erdene.
Steppe Closer: Contemporary Art Exhibition from Mongolia
23 September – 3 October 2014, Free entrance
Open Monday- Friday between 10am – 6pm
Asia House will host a two-week art exhibition entitled Steppe Closer. Selected artists include Nurmaajav  Tuvdendorj, Sukhbaatar Davaakhuu, Otgonbayar Tod,  Otgonbayar Tsogt, Tuvshin Bazarragchaa, Rene Polak, Batsukh Badamkhand and Batbileg Darjaa, who exhibited his series of painting dedicated to the legendary British rock band Queen at the Dominion Theatre in London for the last two years. Rene Polak, a Dutch artist, who is fan of Mongolia, is also presented at the exhibition. 

Artworks are presented by the Mongolian Art and Culture in London.

Official photography by Azaa Studio: www.facebook.com/AzaaStudio 

More info: Asia House 


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