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“Images of Mongolia” Exhibition at the Ulster Museum, Northern Ireland

We are delighted to be part of an exhibition titled “Images of Mongolia” on the kind invitation of Richard Holmes, Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Northern Ireland. The exhibition will display Mongolian postal history and culture in the Belfast Room, Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland for two weeks between 5 -19 November 2012. Featured artists from Mongolian Art in London are Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj and Sukhbaatar Davaakhuu.

Info on the exhibition:




Info on artists featured by Mongolian Art in London

NURMAAJAV Tuvdendorj, Artist

A graduate of both the Soyol Art College and the University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar, Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj is one of a handful of artists inspired primarily by our Mongolian  traditions. She produces her ink paintings using a spontaneous and very rapid technique, an imaginative process contributing to their disarmingly simple yet evocative character. Nurmaajav also displays her master in works using “earth paint” and gouache, typical materials used by our native artists over the centuries.

SUKHBAATAR Davaakhuu, Artist and Calligrapher

The Mongolian artist and calligrapher, Davaakhuu Sukhbaatar was born in 1972, into a renowned artist family. His late father was regarded as one of the greatest painters in Mongolian traditional fine art and a number of his works are kept in the National Art Gallery of Mongolia, and one of his work from his exhibition in London went to the Queen’s Art Collection. Sukhbaatar is a successor of his father’s genius in a new style.

His signature style is a harmonic combination of traditional art and calligraphy by expressing natural personalities through symbolic animals’ characters in nature with perfection in details by strokes.



by the Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in Northern Ireland

“Images of Mongolia” Exhibition  at the Ulster Museum         

                            5 – 19 November 2012        

“Images of Mongolia”, an exhibition of Mongolian postal history and culture will be opening in the Belfast Room, Ulster Museum  for a two week period from 5th  November until 19th  November 2012 inclusive.

With a history stretching back over 800 years to the rise of Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Empire, the present exhibition aims to showcase the unique heritage and culture of Mongolia through a combination of Mongolian postal history, photographs and a selection of works by contemporary Mongolian artists. Among the items on show will be works from Mongolian Art in London and featuring noted artists Tuvendorj Nurmaajav and Davaakhuu Sukhbaatar.

As the latest phase of an ongoing programme of promoting a greater cultural awareness of  Mongolia within N.Ireland, the present exhibition will highlight both the well known as well as the less familiar aspects of Mongolian history and culture, ranging from traditional Mongolian music through to the story of the first Mongolian in space.

“This display reflects the unique cultural identity of Mongolia now being shared with the people of Northern Ireland for the first time” commented Mr Richard Holmes, Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Northern Ireland.

Situated between Russia and China and with a land area almost seven times that of the British Isles, Mongolia has a unique culture and heritage stretching back over the past 800 years to the height of the Mongol empire under the rule of Chinggis Khan.

With a population of just under three million people, Mongolia’s principal industries include mining and agriculture including the production of the highest quality cashmere clothing, all of which have helped transform Mongolia into one of Asia’s fastest growing modern economies.

Richard Holmes

Honorary Consul of Mongolia



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