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Humuun bichig about Genghis Khan sculpture in London

Humuun Bichig, a Mongol script newspaper published by MONTSAME news agency in Mongolia, writes about Dashi Namdakhov’s Genghis Khan sculpture.

Humuun Bichig, a Mongol script newspaper, published by MONTSAME news agency, will mark its 20th anniversary on 11 May 2012. The newspaper occupies one room at MONTSAME, employing a total of three staff. It costs about 150MNT (approximately 0.70 pence) to subscribe. The Mongol script, which was banned from being used during the communist times , (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_script) is being revived “in Mongolia since 1994 in an effort to restore tradition and cultural practices and widely used in symbolic arts such as Calligraphy and traditional painting”. Source: Wikipedia & Humuun Bichig




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