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Burgh House Christmas Art & Craft Fair Sunday 4th December 2011

Art Cafe at Lingua Global will be attending the Burgh House Christmas Art & Craft Fair on Sunday 4th December 2011 representing the following artists:

Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj, Mongolia
Batbileg Darjaa, Mongolia
Yo-Xarex Wolter, Switzerland
Eve Asciutto, Switzerland
and hand-made crafts from Mongolia.

The Burgh House & Hampstead Museum,
New End Square, Hampstead,
London NW3 1LT




Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj produces her ink paintings using a spontaneous and very rapid technique, an imaginative process contributing to their disarmingly simple yet evocative character. She also displays her master in works using “earth paint” and gouache, used by her native artists over the centuries.

A loyal “Queen” fan Batbileg Darjaa has recently finished series of oil-on-canvas paintings and sculptures dedicated to the legendary British rock band “Queen”. His artwork, titled “The Magnificent Years”, has been received with huge delight by Freddie fans and the Queen Community throughout the world. The Dominion Theatre in London is now hosting the painting until November 2012, pending an auction to raise funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the Freddie Mercury’s charity, fighting AIDS worldwide.


Yo-Xarek Wolter from Switzerland began his career in Basel with a resolutely surrealist style, eventually directed towards an abstract style. An integration of the surrealist style with abstract compositions opens new creative possibilities to him. He exhibited in Europe extensively since 2000, including Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Eve Asciutto owns En Beauregard Gallery in Montreux, Switzerland. Her Zen-inspired artworks are sensual and she is emotionally connected with her subject. Eve believes that the hands of an artist are an extension of her soul through which she can express her emotions and feelings. She often uses recycled materials and everyday objects such as sand, stones and wood to express the connection we have with the environment we live in.

Website: www. https://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com         www.linguaglobal.org.uk

Contact: Unurmaa Janchiv Mobile: +44 (0) 7888 7134 29 E-mail: unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk

Copyright ©2011 Lingua Global Ltd.



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