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Cultural Heritage of Mongolia: Scripts and Calligraphy

An exhibition on Mongolian scripts and calligraphy, organised by the Embassy of Mongolia and Art Cafe at Lingua Global was on display in Asia House in London between 19 March and 7 April. It was a very successful event and the artworks by a Mongolian Calligraphist Sukhbaatar were much praised both at the Private View and during the public visits.

More artworks by contemporary Mongolian artists, namely Nurmaajav Tuvdendorj, Batbileg Darjaa and Otgonbayar Tod as well as the translated books of Mongolian writers including by G. Mend-Ooyo, President of the Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry, were displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition played an important role in promoting Mongolian cultural heritage. Many Londoners as well as visitors from other European cities have visited, some traveling from as far as Brussels for a day only to visit this exhibition.

The exhibition has been now invited by a Belgium professor to be shown in Belgium. The workshop and lecture formats are also invited to two European Univercities. Both Sukhbaatar Davaakhuu, the Calligraphy Artist, and Unurmaa Janchiv of Art Cafe at Lingua Global, who curated the exhibtion,  were invited to work with a leading European typoface designer on a project to develop the Mongol script font for publishing and typography.

For further inquiries, please e-mail: info@linguaglobal.org.uk



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